Since its inception in 1950, North Star Ice Equipment has led the world in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art ice making and handling equipment. North Star pioneered the development of technology that has become the standard in the ice industry, including:

– The production of flake ice for industrial use. This super-cold ice cools faster and is easier to handle than any other type of ice.

– Flake ice makers with stationary, vertical evaporators to eliminate rotating refrigerant seals.

– Ice makers that produce ice on the inside of the evaporator, completely surrounded by insulation, preventing its exposure to high ambient temperatures.

– The World’s first ice rake for automatic ice delivery.

– Advances in the pneumatic conveying of ice vertically and horizontally over long distances.

Drum Ice Makers
Often copied but never equaled, North Star’s enclosed vertical drum design, and expert construction results in a low stress, low wear, and low maintenance ice maker that is simple to install and operate. The compact, economical unit produces totally subcooled flake ice with efficiency and reliability unmatched by other ice machines.
Liquid Ice
North Star Ice Equipment introduces a new system that makes pumpable liquid ice for product cooling. Liquid ice, a mixture of seawater or freshwater flake ice and water, offers new options for cooling products in a number of applications. When applied, North Star liquid ice immediately fills all voids in the tote or container of product, surrounding it entirely with ice for maximum cooling. However, unlike other slurry ice, water drains quickly and completely from the tote or container leaving only ice and product.

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