Partners for many years now, ARESCO and Henry team up to bring you the best in ammonia valves and accessories. Henry Valve Company, long known for high quality hand valves and relief valves, has teamed up with Herl hand valves to cover all your hand valve needs. Everything from ¼” to 14″, capped or with a hand wheel, standard or expansion, ARESCO is proud to bring this to you!
With our arrangements with Chil-Con, we are able to bring you quality chillers, oil separators, and vessels for any application.
Hansen’s state-of-the-art Shut-Off Valves are designed specifically for use in industrial ammonia and large commercial halocarbon refrigeration systems. These rugged valves are a strong, reliable component for modern industrial refrigeration applications and are suitable for liquid, suction, hot gas, discharge, recirculating liquid or oil lines. Shut-Off Valves come in threaded, socket weld, or butt weld connection styles. Sizes range from 3/8″ to 16″ (20 mm to 400 mm).
Leak-free, stem sealing with dual-seal
Stainless steel stems
Reliable Teflon seat discs (no lead)
Ball bearing seat swivel
Dirt-resistant taper (conical) seat
Back-seating design
Handwheels and seal caps are interchangeable
ARESCO, Inc is proud  offer the complete line of Parker Hannifin Refrigerating Specialties (R/S) valves and controls. The R/S valve has always been the ‘work horse’ of the industry, and ARESCO is proud to bring this fine line of ammonia valves to you.
Whether you’re looking for check valves, safety relief valves, shut off valves, solenoid valves, or some other refrigeration valve, you can trust Parker ammonia valves for your installs and upgrades. The reputation of their valves is built on solid performance and reliability through years of service.
If you’re looking for a specific Parker Hannifin valve, call toll Free 1-877-ARESCO-1 or   e-mail us, and we’ll send you the entire R/S price list (By E-Mail, Fax, Or Mail) with your personal multiplier, so you’ll always know your R/S price from ARESCO, Inc for the entire R/S line of fine products.

Danfoss markets valves with all the features required by the customers, and with numerous application possibilities for control and regulation of industrial plant.
The product range is broad-covering: from compact valves for use where space is narrow, to universal valves and up to large valves for regulation of large flows.
Danfoss Control Valves
A full-scale line of mechanical and electronic apparatus comprising thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves, and thermostats, modulating pressure regulators, filter driers, liquid indicators, non-return valves, and furthermore, decentralized electronic systems for full regulation and control.
ARESCO, Inc is proud to bring you the entire Danfoss ammonia line.  Call for details.