Ammonia Pipe Markers

ARESCO, Inc designs and manufactures our very own ammonia pipe markers. Designed for the refrigeration industry by refrigeration experts, these high quality pipe markers are modular in design and are designed to meet OSHA pipe marker requirements. Available in three sizes, 1″, 2 1/2″ and 4″ to meet all your needs. Make up the markers as you go, no more complicated ordering forms. Simple and extremely flexible, these markers will save you time and money. Priced below Brady®, Bunting®, and Seton®. Quantity discounts available. Call for a free sample.

Main ammonia labels available in 1″, 2 1/2″, and 4″ widths to fit all pipe sizes in accordance with OSHA regulations. Directional arrows can be cut off according to refrigerant flow direction. Tick marks help align other labels that adhere to the main label.

As you can see, the ARESCO, Inc pipe marker labels are completely modular and easy to use. The ARESCO, Inc system is the answer to all your pipe marking needs! Its so simple, easy to follow, and it saves you money.


Ammonia type abbreviation label is also available in 1″, 2 1/2″, and 4″ sizes. All ammonia type abbreviations are available to suit your needs and requirements. This label is to be adhered to position 1 on the main ammonia label.

Ammonia physical state labels are available in all sizes indicating the ammonia state. These labels are to be adhered to section 2 on the main ammonia label.

Our pressure labels are available in all sizes, and indicate the pressure as being either high or low. OSHA regulations state that pressures less than 70 psi are considered to be low, while pressures greater than 70 psi are considered to be high. These labels adhere to section 4 on the main ammonia label.

This is an example of the aluminum placard that is to be used in conjunction to the labels. This placard is designed to be placed on all doors opening to areas in which the labels are used.

These placards give all the information needed to use the ammonia marker labels as required by OSHA regulations. Use these placards in conjunction with the ARESCO labels to help make your ammonia refrigeration system OSHA compliant.