Multi Cylinder Reciprocating Compressors

Howe Corporation manufactures High Speed Reciprocating Compressors in Two, Four and Six cylinder models, either high stage or booster ranging in capacity from 11 TR up through 100 Tons of Refrigeration. Uniquely positioned to offer both reciprocating and screw compressor products, Howe is proud of the decades of refinements that have gone toward making reciprocating compressors still the best choice for many applications.


For instance, in the area of energy efficiency, the Howe “J” series design simply out performs screw compressor equipment. Importantly, the cost of maintaining Howe reciprocating compressors is often a fraction of maintaining those of our leading competitors. So no matter how the industry changes, dependable Howe “J” Series reciprocating compressors continue to provide the maximum in energy efficiency and durability of any other compressor of any brand.

– Spring loaded safety heads: an ORIGINAL Howe patent.


– Cylinder Displacement: about 20% greater than other popular machines. At 1200 RPM, our 2-cylinder displaces 123 CFM; 4-cylinder – 245 CFM; 6-cylinder – 368 CFM. Did you know the Howe “J” series 2-cylinder compressor has similar capacity as a Mycom 6 cylinder? This means lower initial costs, and lower maintenance costs.

– Suction and discharge valves: Uses one of the most energy-efficient designs in the industry. Improved discharge valve features enlarged openings.

– Main bearings: large diameter, energy-efficient tapered roller bearings.